7mm 1×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

Our 7mm 1×19 galvanized wire rope may be a suitable choice if you are looking for some all-purpose galvanised wire rope that is sure to stand the test of time?  7mm 1×19 Galvanised Rope should cope with a cavalcade of outdoor applications and work wonders in moist atmospheres.

Perks & performance benefits of 7mm 1×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

1x19 galvanised steel wire ropeHow is it that this wire rope manages to avoid rusting? This is all thanks to the galvanized surface, which means that the steel of the strands will not react with the environment around it as there is a coating of zinc in the way.

A 7mm diameter allows this rope to provide a capacity of up to 5,140kg and an equally noteworthy 50.4kN breaking force rating. There are so many other thicknesses of this 1×19 rope available that even if this example falls short in its specifications, your choices are not limited.



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The strong, versatile 1×19 structure of this rope makes it suitable for lots of uses. However, some customers need a little more specialisation from their assembly. That is where our full array of ropes can really shine, giving you compelling options like plastic coated rope and non-rotating rope to really shake things up.

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