5mm 1×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

There are so many different diameters and grades wire rope, that this 5mm 1×19 galvanized rope example might get lost in amongst the crowd. To make sure 5mm 1×19 Galvanised Wire Rope gets the attention it deserves, here is a quick look at its specifications and benefits.

Vital statistics of 5mm 1×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

1x19 galvanised steel wire ropeThis type of wire rope has a strand configuration which sets it apart from its more complex galvanized cousins. Rather than mixing in fibre or using a bevy of different bundles, this rope is constructed with 20 steel strands in total; 19 wrapped around a single wire core.

This design delivers excellent strength, high load capacities and generally impressive levels of resilience that you will not necessarily find elsewhere. The 5mm 1×19 rope we produce has a WLL of just over 2.6 tonnes, although be sure to check the technical data further down the page to see the differences between the various grades of steel which can be used to make it.


Avoiding corrosion

Corrosion can occur in a multitude of settings, which creates a challenge when looking to use metal parts in maritime environments or any exposed position. Galvanization avoids such issues by adding a zinc jacket to the steel wires of this rope. You can even choose similarly resistant fittings from Rope Services Direct to keep the entire assembly rust-free.

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