2.3mm 1×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

Adopting the popular 1×19 strand structure, this galvanized rope is a modest 2.3mm in diameter yet still sports a solid load capacity and will last for longer than you might expect thanks to its corrosion resistance.

Features & perks of 2.3mm 1×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

1x19 galvanised steel wire ropeWith the galvanised exterior of each wire strand exposed to the elements, you will find that rust does not form in some of the harsher environments around. Maritime operations where salt water is a constant concern will benefit from this feature.

Thicker examples of this wire rope might be chosen for lifting tasks, but this thinner 2.3mm product is a little more flexible and might be a suitable addition to architectural projects as well as practical rigs.

The safe working load that this rope is rated to offer sits at 555kg, although different grades of steel are available and lower limits are imposed for products which do not hit this flagship level of quality.


Optional adaptations

It is probably sensible to see whether ordering this 2.3mm 1×19 galvanised wire rope as part of a wire rope assembly makes sense for your needs. Rope Services Direct can easily turn any one of the ropes we produce into a fully adapted assembly which fits the dimensions you require and has the fittings that you request.

Helpful advice

Get in touch with RSD when you are looking to order galvanised rope but are uncertain of how to proceed. We can talk through your needs when you call 01384 78004 or ask questions via email.