9mm 7×7 Galvanised Wire Rope

One of the stronger examples of our 7×7 galvanised rope, this 9mm diameter product will shrug off the moistest environments and remain resilient whatever challenges are thrown at it over the course of its use. More information on the 9mm 7×7 Galvanised Wire Rope can be found below.

What can 9mm 7×7 Galvanised Wire Rope do?

7x7 wire core galvanised wire ropeAll of our galvanised rope is made with steel that has been specially treated to prevent corrosion. This means that if you do not want your wire rope to rust, you should either choose this or one of our stainless steel equivalents.

This 9mm diameter 7×7 configuration rope has a wire core and thus offers a WLL of up to 5030kg. This translates into excellent performance in many scenarios, whether for lifting, rigging or similar duties.


How can customisations be added?

If you need more than just a simple length of galvanised rope, asking the Rope Services Direct experts to adapt your order for you is an efficient, affordable way to get what you need.

For a holistic service, choose from our wire rope assemblies which can use almost all of the rope varieties we produce and supply.

Should you wish to include a few fittings, this is also an option. We will always try to exceed expectations and bring you the best wire rope products available.

Can I get help with wire rope?

For fantastic advice on all things wire rope-related, give our team a ring on 01384 78004. You can also email RSD with any query you have, whether it concerns galvanised rope or any other solution we offer.