3mm 7×7 Galvanised Wire Rope

For a narrow diameter, multipurpose wire rope that packs a punch, you need look no further than our 7×7 galvanised rope. In the case of this 3mm 7×7 Galvanised Wire Rope example with a wire core, the ratio of strength to thickness is excellent and there are lots of adaptations that can be made.

Perks & potential uses for 3mm 7×7 Galvanised Wire Rope

7x7 wire core galvanised wire ropeWith a WLL of up to 698kg and a galvanised surface, this rope brings a lot to the table in terms of durability. It is not surprising to see that it has lots of appropriate applications in different industrial settings, particularly in marine environments where its corrosion resistance will come into play.

There are other galvanised wire rope products available, but the strand configuration of this 7×7 rope means that it can be used for pulley and winch systems, lifting tasks and other duties.


Fittings & more

Thanks to the fact that we supply wire rope fittings in all shapes and sizes, it is straightforward for us to add any components that you want to your order of 3mm 7×7 galvanised wire rope.

You can go a step further and request a wire rope assembly made using this product, or any of the other ropes we manufacture.

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