4mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

With a lot of different uses to its name, this 4mm 7×19 galvanised wire rope should serve a lot of different customers well, whether it is harnessed for hoisting, winching, lashing or towing.

Main perks of 4mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

7x19 wire core galvanised steel ropeLike lots of our other wire rope products, this 4mm diameter galvanised rope has a confirmed working load limit to its name, letting you know exactly how much weight it can take before its safe parameters are exceeded. In this case that sits at 1157kg, while the 11.35kN breaking force is also factored into the testing and calibration process.

Galvanisation of the steel used to make this rope allows it to rebuff many corrosive elements in the environment. Maritime use or general outdoor deployment will therefore be more than acceptable as an option.


Rope of all kinds available

We manufacture and sell a staggering array of rope options here at Rope Services Direct. If you need stainless steel rope, plastic coated rope or unique options like theatre cables, we cans step up and supply the precise assembly you order.

A full line up of fibre rope can also be found on our site, with natural rope sitting alongside manmade equivalents like polypropylene rope.

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