30mm 6×24 Galvanized Wire Rope

As one of the toughest options in our 6×24 galvanized wire rope range, this 30mm diameter example is ideal for heavy duty load lashing in environments where there is a high risk of corrosion causing issues on untreated steel surfaces.

Performances capabilities of 30mm 6×24 Galvanized Wire Rope

6x24 fibre core galvanised wire ropeThe working load limit for this 30mm 6×24 galvanised wire rope is 50,349kg and while it might not be the best fit for lifting, its 494kN breaking force rating combines with this metric to ensure it is stable and safe as a lashing option.

Another perk to make you consider it for your wire rope needs is its resistance to rust. The process of galvanising the steel stops moisture doing damage and means this rope will not falter in maritime applications or any outdoor setting.

The 6×24 strand configuration and the use of a fibre core gives the rope an extra hit of flexibility, going above and beyond similarly specified wire core equivalents. If this heads up your list of desirable attributes, consider it a key selling point.


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Galvanised rope is a popular option for Rope Services Direct customers, but it is only one example of the products we make. Select stainless steel rope, fibre rope and even lifting slings according to your needs. Sewing facilities enable us to make web slings and our industrial presses ensure we can permanently press any fitting to any wire rope. Check out our rope fittings collection to help make your choice.

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