12mm 6×24 Galvanised Wire Rope

Delivering a diameter of 12mm, this version of our popular 6×24 galvanised wire rope might catch the attention of customers who need a rope that is flexible first and foremost, with physical strength coming lower down the priority list.

Design advantages of 12mm 6×24 Galvanised Wire Rope

6x24 fibre core galvanised wire ropeSince the core of this rope is made using fibre rather than steel, it does not have the crush resistance or load bearing power of other wire rope products. Instead it is far more malleable and can commonly be found fulfilling a role as a load restraint solution rather than being used with lifting equipment.

The fact that galvanised wire rope does not corrode makes our 12mm 6×24 construction product suitable for outdoor use. Even the challenges posed by marine environments should not result in rust taking its toll.

Irrespective of the fact that it is not as strong as its counterparts, you can still expect load capacities of up to 8,056kg to be managed by this 12mm 6×24 Galvanised Wire Rope.


Further options

If this is not the right rope for you, remember that Rope Services Direct can create custom assemblies using lots of other products that we put together in-house. We supply stainless steel rope, nylon rope and even natural fibre rope of many types.

Contacting us

You can send us questions about wire rope online, or ask for a quick quote over the phone by calling 01384 78004. The RSD team can help customers with any wire rope queries in an efficient, friendly way whichever contact option you pick.