5mm 6×12 Galvanised Wire Rope

It may not be as able to resist crushing forces or sudden breaks as other wire rope options, but this 5mm 6×12 galvanised wire rope still has a few tricks up its sleeve that are worth bearing in mind if flexibility and resilience are important to you.

Why choose this 5mm 6×12 Galvanised Wire Rope?

6x12 fibre core galvanised wire ropeAlthough it is a wire rope by name, it is arguably has a lot more in common with fibre equivalents. This is because as well as sporting a bend-friendly fibre core, it has bundles that are externally covered by galvanised steel strands but internally constructed using yet more fibre.

The 6×12 setup of this rope and its half-centimetre diameter means that it has a lower breaking force rating and a limited ability to withstand pressures applied to its surface. Thankfully in its intended use as a load restraint on cargo ships and other maritime contexts, this should not be an issue.

Galvanised to prevent rust forming and prolong its lifespan, it offers similar advantages to stainless steel rope.


Your adaptation options

Building bespoke wire rope assemblies is second nature to Rope Services Direct. Even if you only need a simple length of 6×12 galvanised rope as a replacement for an outgoing rope, our well stocked line up of fittings will ensure we can create exactly what you need on the fly.

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