16mm 6×12 Galvanised Wire Rope

You would be right to expect our thickest 6×12 galvanised rope to be eminently sturdy and this 16mm diameter example does not disappoint. Also impressive is the 16mm 6×12 Galvanised Wire Rope ability to remain flexible, with fibre cores creating a construction that will resist fatigue.

Unpicking the strand layout

6x12 fibre core galvanised wire ropeThe way that the steel wires and fibre cores are organised in this galvanised rope might be surprising, especially if you have been browsing our wire rope range and coming across examples predominantly intended for lifting duties.

Rather than relying solely on steel, the 6×12 rope allows the malleability of fibre to come into play. It can flex and suffer no ill effects, whereas a more rigid rope might be damaged in similar situations.

The drawback is that the structure of the rope can be compromised through crushing, while the breaking force is also limited. This is why the rope can perform optimally when restraining loads, not lifting them.


Other noteworthy benefits of 16mm 6×12 Galvanised Wire Rope

If a wire rope rusts then its lifespan will shrink and it could become a safety concern, especially in applications where hefty loads are being anchored. That is why the galvanised steel found in this rope is so valuable; it is corrosion resistant due to its zinc coating and will survive longer than pure fibre rope, much like stainless steel rope.

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