14mm 6×12 Galvanised Wire Rope

Poised to provide excellent load restraint capabilities in a corrosion-resistant, flexible configuration, our 14mm 6×12 galvanised wire rope is worth scrutinising for a variety of reasons. Let us walk through the advantages and explain any limitations so that you understand the ins and outs of this specialised wire rope.

Devilishly clever design of 14mm 6×12 Galvanised Wire Rope

6x12 fibre core galvanised wire ropeThe intricacy of having a wire rope made up of 6 bundles of 12 galvanised steel strands might sound compelling enough in its own right. Add to that the fact that this 14mm example is also endowed with multiple fibre cores and its true benefits will become apparent.

Fibre is more flexible than steel, which in turn is stronger than fibre. By combining the two materials you get the best of both worlds; a corrosion-resistant wire rope which does not suffer from excessive rigidity, fatigue damage or fraying.

This is one of the thicker 6×12 ropes on our books, allowing a load limit of 8,184kg to be available. Its design means that heavy lifting applications are not ideal and instead it is more widely used to lash down loads on cargo vessels.


Impressively versatile

Rope Services Direct will not only manufacture a length of galvanised rope to order, but can also turn it into an assembly that serves a specific purpose. If you simply want end terminals and other fittings added, we can oblige.

Hassle-free advice and ordering options

Speak to a specialist about your wire rope requirements by calling 01384 78004 or emailing RSD from our contacts page, where other ways to get in touch are also outlined.