8mm 1×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

Perched in the sweet spot between slenderness and strength, the 8mm version of our 1×19 galvanised rope has a lot to offer users across a number of unique industries. Whether as an architectural flourish or a marine lifting solution, 8mm 1×19 Galvanised Wire Rope will be a true chameleon in many settings.

Capabilities that matter

1x19 galvanised steel wire ropeThere is a lot to learn about this wire rope before you can determine its suitability. Firstly it has a core consisting of 1 strand of galvanised wire, around which a network of 19 identical wires is configured. The result is a tough, stretch-resistant structure that provides WLLs of up to 6,713kg in this 8mm diameter.

Talking about galvanised rope is always going to involve a mention of the anti-corrosion zinc coating. Whereas an untreated metal surface that is exposed to moist environments would quickly develop rust, this rope is not so afflicted.



Alterations available for 8mm 1×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

With the help of Rope Services Direct, any length of 8mm 1×19 galvanised rope can be converted into a custom assembly.

You can even request that we construct lifting slings that are tailored to fit the specs you require. Nothing is off the table when you order with us, whatever your wire rope needs.

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