26mm 1×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

This 26mm 1×19 galvanised wire rope is currently the thickest example of our 1×19 construction line up. The sturdiness of its structure and the corrosion resistance of its exterior make it a must-have product for marine lifting, along with a number of other important outdoor applications.

Main advantages to mention about 26mm 1×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

1x19 galvanised steel wire ropeA lot of impressive feats can be achieved using this wire rope, as its 1×19 strand layout supplies significant strength and delivers a 70.9 tonne load capacity in the 1960 graded example.

There are two other versions, each made with lower grade steel, so take a look at the specs for each to work out which 26mm rope you need.

Thanks to the galvanisation process, rusting of the rope’s surface should be completely avoided. This applies even if it is used in environments where rain, salt water and other corrosive substances are commonplace, such as at dockyards and on ships.


Wire rope assemblies made from scratch

The assemblies we offer at Rope Services Direct are completely customisable, so if you want us to make you something using this 26mm 1×19 galvanised rope, all you need to do is ask. Our supply of fittings and the advanced engineering techniques we used puts us in the ideal position to meet your wire rope needs.

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