12mm 1×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

Optimise a variety of important duties with a length of 1×19 galvanized rope,  notably this one is constructed with a 12mm diameter by Rope Services Direct. We can work our magic with this durable material and create assemblies, supply fittings and get you what you need affordably from 12mm 1×19 Galvanized Wire Rope.

Why the 12mm 1×19 galvanized wire rope?

1x19 galvanised steel wire ropeFirstly deciding to use galvanized rope over the other options that are available usually comes down to the matter of corrosion resistance. Each of the 19 wire strands used in this rope has been protected beneath a shell of zinc in order to ensure that even if moisture makes contact with the surface, no rust will form.

In terms of the specific benefits that this 12mm 1×19 rope has to offer, key features include a solid 15 tonne load capacity and a construction that will not stretch or snap easily should be enough to get your attention. In addition we supply other examples that can be more flexible. However the sturdiness of this rope makes it one of the most popular products around.


Are there other rope options?

Where wire rope is concerned, you might not realise just how much choice you have. RSD can produce and supply a wide array of different rope products, with stainless steel rope and fibre rope just as easy to order from us.

How can I contact RSD about Galvanized Rope?

Hit up our sales hotline on 01384 78004 if you have a question or want a quote. Email our team and get a reply to any query as quickly as possible, without the need to spend any time on the phone.