Plastic Impregnated 8×19 Container Crane Rope

Order 8×19 construction compacted wire rope with a plastic core and reap the benefits of this durable design. The plastic impregnated 8×19 container crane rope allows for repetitive lifting cycles to fly by with ease while preventing fatigue and still maintaining structural strength.

Advantages of Plastic Impregnated 8×19 Container Crane Rope  

plastic impregnated 8x19 container crane ropeAlthough the core of this rope is still based around the traditional

container crane rope

steel wire you would expect, it comes with the added benefit of plastic impregnation. This plastic layer makes the entire construction of the rope more manageable and flexible. This in turn helps with high cycle rate operations in punishing environments.

The 8×19 construction is precisely what you often require from container crane rope. It offers good levels of strength and long service life. In addition is has the ability to avoid being compromised by crushing or other external influences. Pick and choose from diameters ranging between 6.5mm and 15mm, matched with breaking loads of 41.8kN to 233kN.

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Rope which is suitable for shuffling shipping containers is not all we offer. You can order tower crane rope, wire rope fittings, tools and equipment of every conceivable kind at Rope Services Direct.  You may also benefit from one of our height safety kits if you work on cranes.

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