Container Crane Boom Rope 8×19 Compacted Construction

This container crane boom rope has an 8×19 compacted construction. Container cranes use it for boom rope. Its high fill factor gives it great crush-resistant qualities, as well as a high breaking load limit, important for safe lifting to occur.

Perks of the Container Crane Boom Rope 8×19 Compacted

container crane boom rope 8x19 compactedThe construction of a wire rope for container cranes will be something of a balancing

container crane rope

act in terms of the properties it affords. This 8×19 construction compacted boom rope has features including excellent breaking loads. Additionally it has outstanding resilience in the face of crushing impacts.

It is not designed to resist rotation, so needs to be used in situations where tension is always applied and it has no opportunity to twist. On the boom of a container crane it will find itself right at home.

Steel Cable Size and Performance Options

At the start of the range sits a 6.4mm diameter wire rope, and there are eleven different options in total. The sturdiest boasts a 238kN minimum breaking load, which is worth taking into account as you make your selection.

For other crane rope products, see our full range and take your pick. We offer other container crane rope constructions, in addition to rope for ship cranes, tower cranes and a host of other lifting equipment.

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