30mm 6×36 Compacted Wire Rope

For certain applications, compacted wire rope is the obvious choice. This 6×36 construction rope, which measures 30mm in diameter, has the bonus benefit of being made using galvanized steel wires. Read on for more information on the 30mm 6×36 compacted wire rope.

A Steel Cable with Plenty of Benefits30mm 6x36 compacted wire rope

On paper there are a few key advantages to note for this particular wire rope. Load capacities reach as high as 80,257kg, which makes it a dream for heavy duty lifting applications. The compacted 6×36 strand configuration also helps with breaking load, allowing this rope to withstand forces of up to 787kN.

Bend fatigue, wear and abrasion resistance are further advantages of the compacted wire rope. Additionally they are smaller in diameter than a standard wire rope which can lift the same weight. This makes the compacted rope great for utilizing with sheaves and pulleys as they are constantly being pulled and passed over narrow surface areas. The compacting process leaves a lovely smooth finish on the outside surface, this makes it easier to handle although gloves are still advised.

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Endless Adaptability

At Rope Services Direct we are known for our bespoke wire rope assemblies, so if you need more than just an unaltered length of steel rope, just ask! We can add fittings to our 30mm 6×36 compacted rope that will expand its usefulness immensely.

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