28mm 6×36 Compacted Wire Rope

The power of six bundles of 36 steel wires, all compacted around an additional steel core, is at your disposal with this 28mm 6×36 compacted wire rope. There are lots of other 6×36 configuration ropes of this kind on offer, so you should find a product to suit your needs. Following the code of practice for the safe use of lifting equipment will ensure accidents are avoided.

Quick Overview of the 28mm 6×36 Compacted Wire Rope28mm 6x36 compacted wire rope

The particular features of this 28mm diameter galvanized wire rope include a breaking force of 686kN and a capacity of almost 70 tonnes in the top-grade example. Since the strands are compacted after the initial construction process has taken place, the rope can cope with fatigue more effectively and will not rub aggressively against other surfaces, as it is much flatter and very smooth. Handling is easier and the rope will glide nicely over pulley blocks.

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Other Steel Cable Options

Wire rope is just part of what we do here at Rope Services Direct; our line-up is much more diverse. If you need fibre rope of every variety, we have you covered. If fittings are on the agenda, we can supply them separately or add them to the rope before it is delivered. Additionally we have our own webbing department where all kinds of web products are made. Web slings and cargo restraints are a specialty.

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