12mm 6×36 Compacted Wire Rope

Blending strength and flexibility in equal measure, our 12mm 6×36 compacted wire rope benefits from thorough compaction to reduce its diameter to just 12mm while also making the outer surface smooth and less abrasive. It promises to offer a long, safe tour of duty in various applications and industries.

Choosing your 12mm 6×36 compacted wire rope

With this type of compacted rope, you are able to take advantage of the improved load-bearing properties of a wire core around which the outer strands are formed. This 12mm product delivers a great deal of hauling power, so you can make a decision according to the specifications of each material grade.

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Making AdditionstoSteelCable12mm 6x36 compacted wire rope

No wire rope product we stock at Rope Services Direct needs to be ordered without any extras to improve its practicality. You can pick from a whole host of high quality fittings to be installed on your rope before it is shipped to you. These run the array from thimbles and ferrules to turnbuckles and shackles.

Because compacted rope has a smoother exterior, they are much nicer to handle. They have high crush resistance and are very resistant to wear and abrasion due to its compacted nature.

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