8mm 6×36 Compacted Wire Rope

This 8mm diameter wire rope is the thinnest entry into our 6×36 compacted configuration line up. It is compacted during manufacture by being passed through a series of rollers and dies. This results in long-lasting durability along with lots of lifting strength for its size and weight. Keep reading for more on the 8mm 6×36 compacted wire rope.

Why 8mm 6×36 Compacted Wire Rope?8mm 6x36 compacted wire rope

This compacted rope is less of a hassle to handle as a result of the smooth, round finish exhibited on the outside. It is also endowed with a higher breaking force and lower chance of suffering wire breakages thanks to this process.

The 8mm rope can manage loads of up to 5,707kg before safety is compromised, which is an impressive feat for something so slender. It also has high bend fatigue resistance so it will be able to withstand more repetitive bending motions. Add in the steel wire core that forms the central column around which the outer six bundles of wires are formed and you have a superbly effective design.


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