32mm 6×36 Compacted Wire Rope

This compacted 32mm rope is fashioned from galvanized steel and has a sturdy 6×36 strand construction to round out its feature set. The 32mm 6×36 compacted wire rope is ideal for certain crane ropes and many other applications.

Major Benefits of the 32mm 6×36 compacted wire rope32mm 6x36 compacted wire rope

With a diameter of 32mm, it is no surprise that this wire rope is able to handle some fairly heavy loads. This particular product is rated for capacities of up to 91,314kg while its breaking force of 896kN is also compelling.

Mix in the crush resistance and bend fatigue resistance capabilities of the compacted rope and you have a product that will be well suited to tough lifting duties in many environments. The process of compacting the external wire bundles around the steel core gives the rope a flatter finish, which leads to more contact surface area. In short, this wire rope is an understandable superstar of our 6×36 construction range.

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Specialised Wire Rope

Thanks to the broad range of products at Rope Services Direct , you can choose wire rope that is adapted to specific purposes. This includes crane rope for equipment of many types, fibre rope made with different materials and custom assemblies built to your specs.

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