Wire Rope Reeving Systems- A Guide

A wire rope reeving system is a system whereby the material has been placed through a hole, ring, pulley, block or some other device so as to increase the mechanical advantage that it has. Below we have put together a guide to reeving systems.

 What is a wire rope reeving system constructed from?

A reeving system is commonly constructed from rope, two pulleys which have been mounted on a hoist and then three more that have been mounted on a beam. This allows for the material to be formed into six-parts to support the load that it is lifting and lowering.

wire rope reeving

A reeving system

 Movement and types of reeving systems

The term ‘reeve’ simply refers to the configuration and placement of the material, and can allow for the rope to move either laterally from side to side, or vertically up and down.


The common terms that you will see referred to with reeving are ‘single’, ‘double’ and ‘part’. The terms single and double simply correlate to the number of ropes that are coming from the drum, so either one or two. The term part refers to the mechanical advantage that the reeving system is able to provide when multiple reeving systems are used. For example, if you used a two-part single reeving system (2PS), then the weight of the load that you are handling will be evenly distributed over the two separate parts of the reeving system, thereby doubling the capacity that one part of the reeving system has. However, it also halves the lifting and lowering speed of your reeving system.

 Specifications for each of the types of reeving systems

Standard Headroom Parallel Mounted Close Headroom Parallel MountedClose Headroom Cross Mounted
Reeving System:Two-part or four-part singleTwo-part doubleTwo-part double or four-part double
Minimum Headroom Provided:Fair distanceGood distanceBest distance
Lateral Hook Travel:YesNoNo
Cost to you:Lowest costLow costHigh cost

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Image credit: Eirik Refsdal