Wire Rope Hoists Explained

If you’re conducting a lifting operation, then there’s a high chance that you’ll be finding yourself using a hoist. Wire rope hoists are just one of the many types of hoist that you can find ready for purchase, and we’ve explained more on this below.

What is a wire-rope hoist?

A hoist will be constructed of two parts; the hoisting mechanism itself, usually with a hook, and the lifting medium. This medium can either be a metal chain or a rope made of wire. These hoists can be further broken down into three categories of manually operated, electrically operated or pneumatically operated, but you’ll find both types of lifting equipment in both categories.

Why use wire rope rather than a chain?

It is a stronger, more stable alternative to chains. While chains have been, and always have been, a reliable lifting medium, this item has been created for added strength and lifting safety.

wire rope hoists

Hoists are used for many reasons, such as in the image shown above

Wire Rope Hoists Strength

It is able to handle heavier loads than a chain, making it more useful for heavier, more industrial lifting tasks.

Increased safety

If one link in a chain fails, then the whole chain is completely useless. Wire-rope, on the other hand, is constructed from several metal wires and strands being interwoven around each other, so isn’t reliant on one piece alone.

A range of options

There are different types of rope available on the market, for instance such as standard steel or plastic coated, so you are offered a range of choices.

High resistance

This lifting medium itself is highly resistant to things such as corrosion, rust and abrasion, but you can also use a galvanised version which has an even higher resistance to the elements.

Bespoke sizes

Using our modern manufacturing facility, we are able to produce rope for you to your exact measurements and specifications. This makes any lifting operation using a hoist much easier to handle and complete smoothly.

Things to consider

The rope, just like the hoist itself and any other piece of lifting equipment that you have, is still bound by the same rules and lifting guidelines. You can find the appropriate guidelines under Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

When it comes to lifting guidelines, each piece of equipment has different lifting strengths, and it’s important that you adhere to these at all times so that you don’t cause any unnecessary harm to yourself or those around you.

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