Wire Rope Grips – High Endurance

Wire ropes are an extremely strong, reliable alternative to many other solutions on the market such as chains. Their versatile nature allows them to be complete with many end fittings and terminations to be used in a variety of different settings, industries, and applications. Below we examine one specific end termination; a high endurance rope grip.

wire rope grips

A steel rope grip 

What is a high endurance wire rope grip?

High endurance rope grips are one of the most popular accessories for ropes and are comprised of a ‘U’ shaped bolt which has been forged with a saddle and two nuts, as shown in the image below. 

Why are rope grips used?

Grips are used for ropes to create temporary eye-loop ends or an end-to-end connection where a socket or splice is unable to do so due to certain drawbacks, or if you are only looking for a temporary fixing for your lifting equipment. 

This is most commonly used for holding two pieces of the material safely together, which is achieved by pushing the ends of the the material through the ‘U’ section and then tightening the two bolts, which will keep the rope in place until you decide to remove it.

Often, more than one high endurance grip or clamp will be used on a piece of rope to ensure that the pieces are being held together firmly and safely. They can also be used to form an eye at the end of the rope which can then be used as an anchor. 

Why are high endurance grips useful?

One of the biggest benefits of using high endurance grips is that they are reusable, provided that you carefully inspect them each time before you use them again. You simply unscrew the bolts, feed the rope back out and then your grip is ready to be used again.

wire rope grips

A selection of the grips that we have on offer for the lifting medium , available in both steel and stainless steel and suitable for a range of different applications and weights

Our other range of end fittings

Ropes are already an extremely high endurance piece of equipment, making high endurance grips the perfect practical match for certain solutions. We also have a large range of other rope fittings and end terminations, which you can view here, or please do get in contact with us if you have any other further questions or queries.


Image credits to monstapp.