Diamond Base Pad Eye Plate Fitted With Ring

If you’re searching for a great value, high quality diamond base pad eye plate fitted with ring, then look no further than our great range.

Diamond base pad eye plate fitted with ring – versatile and reliable

Diamond Base Pad Eye plate Fitted with RingGenerally used in securing chains, wire and rope to a range of different types of walls, floors and posts. Ideal for use commercially, domestically and in the marine industry, they’re extremely versatile too. Plus, they’re great for use with fibre rope to mark out spaces in car parks, queues and dividing off different areas of land too.

Made of rust-proof high quality steel, each of the four corners comes with a hole ready drilled which makes screwing them into virtually any surface very easy indeed. The eye itself come with a ring attached which the rope then goes on to.

Not quite sure if this is definitely the right thing you need? We understand and would advise you view our range of snap hooks and lifting shackles as well. Plus Rope Services Direct have a large variety of wire rope to use with your diamond base pad too.

Go ahead and order your diamond base pad eye plate fitted with ring

We are pleased to offer a large selection of diamond base pads on this page. To place an order either call us on 01384 78004 or complete our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you regarding enquiries and with questions too.

Diamond Base Pad Eye Fitted with Ring



Plate Length
Plate Width
Eye Dia
Inside Ring Dia
5 60 36 20 16 x 13 30
6 65 40 26 19 x 16 35
8 80 50 32 22 x 19 45