Webbing Slings Vs Round Slings – the Pros and Cons of Each

Webbing Slings Vs Round Slings

Having a hard time deciding between your webbing slings and your round slings? We know it can be confusing trying to figure out the differences between the two and which one might be right for your application. With that in mind, we’ve put together this handy guide on webbing slings vs round slings, looking at the pros and cons of each.

What are webbing slings?

Webbing slings are flat belt straps, usually woven together from 100% polyester, and have eye loops at either end. They can be manufactured in a variety of lengths and widths. Webbing slings are also handily colour coded so that you know the exact lifting strength of your piece of lifting equipment. You can find the colour coded chart on our webbing sling page.

webbing slings vs round slings

The above shows the various webbing slings that we have on offer at Rope Services Direct

What are the pros of webbing slings?

Webbing slings have many pros. They provide a flexible, lightweight and portable alternative to many other pieces of lifting equipment on the market. This flexible nature means they can be easily wrapped around loads, especially those with a wide bearing surface or an odd shape. Their lightweight and soft nature also means that there will be minimal scratching or denting caused to the load that you are lifting or lowering.


What are the cons of webbing slings?

However, there also cons to using webbing slings. They aren’t as strong as many pieces of lifting gear on the market, so aren’t always the best option if you have heavy loads to lift. They also don’t work as well in some conditions, such as where moisture may be present.

Now that we’ve looked at the pros and cons of webbing slings, we will do the same with round slings below, as well as comparing the two.

What are round slings?

Round slings are very similar to webbing slings, in that they are usually manufactured from polyester. However, they are also covered in a stronger jacket too, usually tubular. They are also one endless loop of yarns, as opposed to just having loops at the end like with webbing slings. They too are colour coded, following the same chart that was featured on our webbing slings page.


What are the pros of round slings?

Round slings feature many of the same pros as webbing slings; flexible, portable and offering great protection for loads. However, they generally offer slightly better protection to the load.

webbing slings vs round slings

This is an example of a round sling

And, thanks to the round slings endless loops, they provide a much better choke hold than webbing slings and the pressure point of the load can keep changing, unlike the fixed ends of webbing slings.


What are the cons of round slings?

Round slings suffer the same cons as webbing slings in that they aren’t the strongest piece of lifting equipment on the market, but they have a much lower stretch rate than webbing slings.

Webbing slings Vs round slings – which is the right type of sling for me?

Ultimately, both webbing slings and round slings are great pieces of lifting equipment that are suitable for different lifting tasks. Round slings are stronger and offer protection, while webbing slings have a higher stretch rate. If you want help in deciding if a webbing sling, round sling or another piece of lifting equipment is the right piece of equipment for your application, you can get in contact with us here.



Image credit: Drew Stephens