Webbing Sling Applications- Lifting, Towing and Pulling

Webbing slings, despite being made from a different material to other pieces of lifting equipment such as wire ropes, still work in much the same way when it comes to webbing sling applications such as the lifting, towing and pulling of loads. However, there are some differences that you must be made aware of, and we have listed all of these out below.

 How are webbing sling applications similar to using other pieces of lifting equipment?

 Webbing slings will lift, tow, and pull loads in a very similar fashion to other lifting gear. They can be utilised with a number of different pieces of lifting equipment such as cranes, and offer a reliable and secure means of moving loads around.  You also don’t need to worry about the weight of the load when it comes to lifting, towing or pulling with a webbing sling as they are still able to withstand great loads, up to 10 tonnes.

 However, this will be a lighter load than other products like wire ropes, so bear this in mind when using a webbing sling for any tasks. Follow the universal colour coding chart below to know how much your webbing sling can lift:

·         1 tonne load = purple

·         2 tonnes load = green

·         3 tonnes load = yellow

·         4 tonnes load = grey

·         5 tonnes load = red

·         6 tonnes load = brown

·         8 tonnes load = blue

·         10 tonnes load = orange

 What else do you need to consider when lifting, towing and pulling with a webbing sling?

 A webbing sling can be utilised in a different way to a wire rope. Due to its flexible and adaptable nature, it can easily be bent and folded around a load to secure it in its entirety. Due to its lightweight material, it also won’t damage the load that you are working with.

webbing sling applications

There are many different types of webbing slings suitable for lifting, towing and pulling webbing sling applications

You also won’t need to worry about lubricating your webbing sling when lifting, towing or pulling, as it is corrosion and abrasion resistant, so will have a long service life.

Additionally a webbing sling will need to be stored differently so that it can perform any lifting, towing, and pulling tasks to the best of its ability, and we recommend following the Guidance on Safe Sling Use for this.

Should I use a webbing sling or a wire rope?

Both webbing slings and wire ropes offer different benefits when it comes to lifting, towing and pulling tasks. If you need help deciding which one to use, don’t hesitate getting in contact with us on 01384 78004.