Web Sling Abbreviations and Acronyms

Web Sling Abbreviations and Acronyms

Web slings and their relations have various names, abbreviations and acronyms on the market, so it is likely that you have heard them mentioned many times before, but simply didn’t know it! To help keep all of the different definitions and web sling abbreviations centralised in one place for your easy viewing, below we have listed out the various different terminologies that relate to web slings.

 Webbing sling, web strap, sling and strops

 Webbing sling, web strap, sling and strop are all various terms which can are used interchangeably to mean a web sling. Should you see any of these, there is a good chance that it is referring to a web sling, but just be sure to double check with the manufacturer before you go ahead and purchase anything!

ISO Standards

 ISO standards relate to standards that are set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). The ISO is an independent organisation, and so the standards that they set can be safely relied upon. The ISO has set over 21,000 standards relating to many different industries on the quality, safety, and efficiency of products, gear and equipment. Some of these standards apply to lifting gear and equipment such as web slings as well.

 There are many different web sling standards with various numbers contained, and this will follow a format such as ISO 4878:1981. You will be able to search for all relevant ISO standards on the internet.


 Kg is a unit of weight that relates to web slings, meaning kilogram. Generally, you will see that the weight that web slings can lift being referred to in tonnes, but this may also be done in kilograms, or ‘Kg’ instead.

web sling abbreviations

Kilogram, or Kg as you may also see it being referred to, is a standard unit of measurement when it comes to web slings


‘T’ refers to tonne, a unit of weight that is commonly associated with web slings. You will most often see tonne being used to describe the different colours of web sling, as each web sling is universally colour coded.

The web sling colour coding is as follow:


  • 1 tonne = Purple
  • 2 tonne = Green
  • 3 tonne = Yellow
  • 4 tonne = Grey
  • 5 tonne = Red
  • 6 tonne = Brown
  • 8 tonne = Blue
  • 10 tonne = Orange


Mtr is a form of measurement used in relation to web slings, and means ‘metre’. Web slings can be manufactured to be all different lengths and sizes, you will see various metres of web sling. You can also request your own metred size to be manufactured.


Mm is another form of measurement that relates to web slings, and means millimetre. You will find that the length of a web sling is referred to as ‘metre’ or ‘mtr’, while the diameter of a web sling will be referred to as ‘millimetre’ or ‘mm’.


SWL refers to the ‘safe working load’ of a piece of lifting gear, and can also be known as the normal working load (NWL). This is not the absolute maximum weight that a webbing sling can lift, but it is the maximum weight that you should adhere to so that you are conducting lifting operations safely.


WLL refers to the ‘working load limit’ of a piece of lifting gear, and so this will be the absolute maximum that a web sling is able to lift. However, this is not the weight of the loads that you should be using with your web sling; instead you should be using the SWL, also known as the safe working load.

Poly Prop

Poly prop means polypropylene, one of the most common materials that web slings are manufactured from. It is a type of thermoplastic polymer that is used in dozens of different applications.

web sling abbreviations

The above image is an example of polypropylene material


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