The Use of Wire Rope Products in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is one of the largest industries in the world and involves the production of raw materials into finished products that are ready to be sold to consumers. Such manufacturing processes could involve the production of parts, such as car engines, which are then passed on to another manufacturing plant who then use the various parts to produce the completed vehicle. Wire rope products are used extensively in the manufacturing industry.

 Why are wire rope products used in the manufacturing industry?

Manufacturing plants are high-pressure, high-stress environments that can involve extreme temperatures, a continuously moving production line and an intense level of work. The equipment, machinery, and gear that is used within this industry needs to be able to withstand an incredible level of stress, and the equipment is perfect for this.

wire rope products

The manufacturing industry makes extensive use of rope products

How is the lifting medium used in the manufacturing industry?

A common use is as an accessory for other forms of lifting gear, such as cranes. Equipment such as overhead cranes are regularly used within the manufacturing industry to transport goods, conduct heavy lifting and to keep the production line running smoothly.

It is often used as the primary piece of lifting gear, in conjunction with these cranes, in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry is extremely similar to the engineering and construction industries in the operational processes that it undergoes, but other tasks that the material assists in completing in the manufacturing industry are the production, packing and sales of finished manufactured products. Clearly, the lifting medium helps with everything from the initial creation of a product right through to its transportation at the end.

Due to their high performance, other uses include being used in metal cranes that undergo high levels of heat, ore unloaders and skip hoists, which transport materials or goods. High-performance rope is best used in the manufacturing industry, which will generally be those with a thicker diameter and a stronger core, to handle the higher levels of intensity.


The manufacturing industry is a repetitive industry, in so much that it is likely that your machines will be running through the same cycles continuously throughout the day, and potentially even longer! With this in mind, it is important to regularly inspect, service and replace the material. Although all of our rope is manufactured and tested with strength and a long service life in mind, continuous use will, of course, reduce its service life. However, it is more than capable of handling the high levels of intensity required from the manufacturing industry, and helps daily in creating millions of products worldwide that we regularly use.

What other uses does the material have?

For other industries where it is used, please refer to our article on ”The Use of Wire Rope Across Industrial Sectorsor get in contact with us for advice on choosing the best kind for your industry.



Image Credit: Sheffield – Steel City