The Use of Wire Rope in the Military Industry

The very nature of the military industry, being all about defence and security, means that any military equipment or machines need to be manufactured reliably and safely; one wrong step in this industry and it can cost lives! Wire rope is just one of the many pieces of reliable equipment that is utilised in this industry; we have explained how in the article below.

 Why is it used in the military industry?

 As explained above, those involved in the military industry need to be able to rely on the equipment that they are using to ensure they can do their job properly and safely. Of course, all equipment needs to be reliable in any industry, but faulty equipment in the military industry can lead to a huge loss of life. Alongside this, military equipment and machines will be subject to incredibly high levels of stress and pressures, whether this is from changing temperatures across the globe or battle itself. With these two factors in mind, rope is designed to withstand the pressures and strains that may come its way, making it a perfect piece of equipment for the military industry.

 How is wire rope used in the military industry?

It is used in a number of ways within the military industry. One such way is to act as vibration absorbers, also known as wire rope isolators. This, as the name may explain, is the process of absorbing vibrations from a source, such as an explosion or rough terrain, so that damage is minimalized to the rest of the vehicle and the people inside.

 As the lifting medium is a strong and sturdy piece of equipment, it is the perfect solution for absorbing this high level of pressure. You can commonly find isolators in military vehicles such as tanks.

military industry

Wire rope is commonly used for military fighter jets; both for their construction and within the aircraft themselves


Another place you find the material is within the aerospace industry, which also manufactures fighter jets for the military industry. Rope is actually used within the aircraft itself, and connects the pedals and levers in the cockpit of the fighter jets together. They can absorb the force between the pedals and levers, allowing the various mechanisms within a plane to operate smoothly. This is also known as a Bowden Cable, and will typically connect the throttle, propeller pitch, and the cowl flaps of the aircraft. You will also find the wire rope isolators discussed above used in the fighter jets to help protect from unnecessary vibrations.

 Where else might you find rope?

Being one of the most versatile and adaptable pieces of lifting equipment, it finds itself in at least as many as 13 different industries, ranging from everything from home maintenance to the military as covered above. If you want to know more or are interested in sourcing some for your own industry, have a chat with one of our team. 


Image credits: skeeze