The Use of Wire Rope in the Cranes and Lifting Industry

Cranes and Lifting Industry

Perhaps one of the most common associations for its usage is for cranes and lifting tasks. ‘Cranes and lifting’ isn’t an industry itself so much, but you’ll instead find that both are utilised across almost every other industry that wire rope is used within. We have looked into the ‘cranes and lifting industry’ in more detail below.

 Why is wire rope used for in the cranes and lifting industry?

 The cranes that are used across so many different industries don’t conduct the actual lifting and lowering tasks themselves, they simply act as the strong support structure that handles the weight of the load. Instead, lifting accessories are used with cranes, which commonly comes in the form of rope assemblies that have been combined with a variety of rope end fittings. This variety of combinations means that the material can be utilised in a number of different ways. Wire rope itself has been designed with safety and strength in mind, and so it is the perfect solution for the heavy lifting and lowering tasks that are required with cranes.

 How is it used with cranes and lifting?

 As was mentioned above, cranes and lifting are involved in a number of industries, and form the foundations of how many of these industries are able to operate successfully. While cranes and lifting may not feature in every industry from start to finish, it is highly likely that they have played a part in the process somewhere down the line. This could be in the construction of the airplanes in the aerospace industry at the beginning of the process, or to finish the construction of a building in the construction industry at the end of process.

 These are some of the industries that wire rope is used in for cranes and lifting:


 As mentioned above, pretty much every single construction project around the world uses cranes, and therefore rope. This is done because incredibly heavy loads, such as cement or bricks, need to be lifted, but also because it is the easiest way to get loads up tall heights. This has helped to construct some of the most famous buildings in the world, such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

lifting industry

Cranes and lifting tasks have been used for many projects, such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai


 Cranes and rope are used in the engineering industry for things such as moving around heavy machinery and loads.

 Mining and Oil and Gas

 Cranes and wire rope are also used heavily within the mining and oil and gas industries for the lifting and lowering of the substances drilled. This is usually at incredibly deep depths, and rope is one of the only pieces of lifting equipment available that can withstand the pressures.

 What other uses does it have?

 It’s not just for lifting and lowering tasks that the material is useful; it can also be utilised in other ways too. For instance, wire rope can even be used for aesthetic reasons to create pleasing rope balustrades in your home! If you were interested to know what other uses it could have, one of our expert team will be able to help.



Image credit: RKTKN