The Use of a Wire Rope Assembly in Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is an important industry, helping to provide us with the sources of energy that we need. Similar to the mining industry, the oil and gas industry requires work to be conducted at incredibly low depths or in environments with extreme temperatures. These hazardous environments, therefore, need material and equipment to be used that is study, reliable and with some resistance to corrosion. This is where an assembly is useful.

Why is a wire rope assembly used in the oil and gas industry?

The material has rapidly become a popular and commonly used piece of equipment within the oil and gas industry. The high-pressure and high-strain environments referred to above can be safely operated within using wire rope. The material has a high breaking strength, is extremely flexible, can offer excellent resistance to rotation and, most importantly, offers a greater lifespan than many other products on the market.

wire rope assembly

You will find ropes used extensively on offshore oil rigs

How is an assembly used in the oil and gas industry?

An assembly can be used in the oil and gas industry for multiple reasons. These include use in drilling lines, similar to mining, so that oil rigs can effectively gather oil. They are also extremely useful for offshore mooring ropes to help ships involved within the oil and gas industry to stay anchored.

Other uses for rope in this industry include as electromechanical cable, which is cabling that connects electric terminals to each other to form an electrical circuit. You will commonly find electromechanical cables being used for oil rigs.

It is also used within the oil and gas industry as geophysical cable. This geophysical cable has the ability to be lowered deep into the Earth’s surface while staying water and ultraviolet light resistant.

You will also see the material used for other tasks such as marine riser tensioning, cranes and winches commonly found offshore, and on the platforms themselves on oil rigs. As well as the electromechanical cables and geophysical cables, ropes are also used as:


  • Drill lines
  • Tubing lines
  • Sand lines
  • Winch lines
  • Crane hoist lines
  • Crane boom lines

As the oil and gas industry is very high intensity and the ropes being used will be subject to a lot of stress, there are ways of increasing its service life. Choosing the right rope at the beginning is obviously of critical importance. After this, proper installation, regular inspections, identifying common problems in the field and having the wear that your wire rope will face evenly distributed will all contribute to you getting as much use out of the lifting medium as possible.

Other industries that you will find it used in

The oil and gas industry is just one of the industries that the rope is extremely useful in. We have detailed out other industries in our piece Wire Rope Use Across Industrial Sectors . If you want to know which is the correct type for use within your industry, get in contact with us here.



Image Credit: eHow