The Use of Wire Rope in the Aerospace Industry

As we have previously seen, wire rope has a great number of uses across multiple industries aside from just being used for lifting and lowering tasks. This means that it finds a particularly special use within the aerospace industry, and we have explored this in more detail below.

 Why is it used within the aerospace industry?

 Before looking at how wire rope is used within the aerospace industry, it is useful to understand why it is used. From being used with cranes to helping with the construction of the aircraft, to being used internally within the planes themselves, rope finds multiple uses in the aerospace industry. Because of this, the material needs to be strong, reliable, safe, and adaptable, and able to withstand high pressure environments, as some machinery constructed in the aerospace industry will be making its way into space!

 How is wire rope used within the aerospace industry?

 As mentioned above, it is used in many different ways within the aerospace industry. At the very beginning of the process, it is used in conjunction with the cranes to lift and lower the heavy parts that are used to construct the aircraft themselves.

 Alongside this, it is also used within the aircraft itself as a means of completing the construction of the plane. This is seen in the form of Bowden cables, which connects the pedals and levers within an aircraft’s cockpit, and these Bowden cables allow for the transmission of force and energy between the various parts of the aircraft to help it operate smoothly, such as the throttle, propeller pitch and cowl flaps.

aerospace industry

It is used extensively in the aerospace industry, which includes everything from fighter jets to commercial airline planes to spacecraft, so you know that it is reliable!


One final use in the aerospace industry, which finds particular use when it comes to military jets, is to be used as rope isolators. These isolators act as shock and vibration absorbers, helping to protect the aircraft and the people inside from things such as explosions or rough terrain.

As can be seen, the lifting material plays an instrumental part in the aerospace industry at every stage, and there is no other piece of equipment on the market that is able to benefit this industry in such a way.

Where else can you find wire rope being used?

Wire rope finds uses in numerous other sectors, including in the oil and gas industry, the mining industry, and in the manufacturing industry, where it finds use as geothermal cabling and for drilling lines.

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Image credit: NASA-Imagery