The Use of Lifting Strops in Factories

Alongside our popular range of wire rope products, we also have an extensive selection of lifting strops too. They operate in many of the same industries and environments as wire rope, offering benefits where rope sometimes cannot. One such environment is in factories.

Types of factories

There are many types of factories to suit a wide range of industries. Manufacturing industries are some of the most common, and this sector contributes around £6.7 trillion to the global economy each year.

Such types may include automotive or aerospace factories. Other types can be environments such as chemical plants or oil refineries.

lifting strops

Slings are heavily used in factories

The use of lifting strops in these environments

There can be several reasons that slings may need to be used in these places. Perhaps to:

  • Operate on the production line, helping to complete the final product by lifting various parts and pieces
  • To lift and lower finished items onto transport trucks, ready to be distributed
  • Moving machinery and tools around the factory
  • Lifting workmen, allowing them to operate at height

It’s a given that wire rope is a stronger alternative to lifting slings, which is no surprise considering it is constructed from metal. When it comes down to a pure strength competition, rope is the favoured choice to many types of slings in factories.

But slings offer many additional benefits where rope is sometimes not suitable. Their lightweight and flexible nature means that they are much more portable around factories. And, this flexible nature offers a further advantage. Lifting slings can be utilised in many different ways to create different types of end-product.

For example, they can be tied into different knots, such as a basket hitch, which allows them to work with loads that may be awkward shapes.  And, thanks to their light nature, they won’t cause abrasion or scratching damage to the load, where the metal of wire rope might.

There may also be times that using metal won’t be suitable, as some factories may contain harmful substances or chemicals. While the metal used in wire rope does have resistance to corrosion, some lifting sling material offers complete resistance to acids and alkalis. And, alongside this, they are by no means ‘weak’ in nature. In fact, some can lift up to 10 tonnes, or sometimes more. This is more than suitable for many requirements in factories today.

You’ll find that there are even a number of ways that you can enhance your lifting slings, helping to make them ‘high performance’. Things such as a PVC coating can help to further protect them in harsher factory environments.

It is worth noting that we stock one product, a wire rope sling, which uses wire rope as a lifting sling.

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Image credit: SpaceX-Imagery