When to Use Endless Lift Slings

Here at Rope Services Direct, we have a range of products, perfect for multiple industries, sectors and applications. We have deliberately ensured that we have a broad and extensive range so that we can appeal to the hundreds of different uses that there are for lifting equipment. One popular piece of equipment that we stock are endless lift slings. Interested to know if they are suitable for you? Read on below.

What are endless slings?

An endless sling is, as you may have guessed, a sling that has no end point; it is just one, constant looping sling. You may also see this type of sling being referred to as a soft sling, endless round sling or an endless web sling.

endless lift slings

The endless lift slings that we manufacture here at Rope Services Direct

The benefit of using an endless sling is that the user can continuously rotate the hook and load points on their sling. This means that it won’t be the same spot that undergoes the repeated stress and pressure of lifting, and instead this burden is shared around the piece of equipment. This means that the total service life of this gear is greatly increased.

When should you use endless lift slings?

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to thinking about what the best type of sling would be to use for your particular application. Here are some of the benefits that an endless sling can offer:


  • Given its endless nature, and the fact that you can spread the stress of lifting around the whole sling, it can be a good piece of equipment to use if you plan to be conducting multiple lifts
  • Most endless slings are manufactured from polyester, which offers a good level of resistance to mould, mildew and rotting. This means they are great for applications that may be conducted outdoors or in environments where moisture might be present, such as in the marine or dockyard sectors, used for things such as barge slings
  • A further benefit that makes them great for use in the outdoors is that they have a high level of UV resistance, so are capable of not only working in wet conditions, but sunny ones too!
  • Although it depends what type of product you purchase, endless slings typically offer a more cost-effective solution to other similarly natured pieces of lifting equipment. Should you be looking for gear that won’t break the bank, then this could be the piece for you
  • Endless slings are most commonly used in the choker, vertical and basket hitch applications
  • It’s important to note that they aren’t as tolerant to shock loading, so won’t be suitable in situations where this may be the case


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