Tags and Markings on Webbing Slings

You’ll find that all lifting equipment and gear have some tags and markings on them, and these can relate to varying things such as how many people a piece of lifting equipment can lift, or how strong it is. We’ve covered the specific tags and markings relating to webbing slings below.

The colour coding system for webbing slings

The first thing to note about webbing slings that differs them from other pieces of lifting equipment is that they are all colour coded. This is not to be confused with the colour markings that you may find on other pieces of equipment that relate to the time that a piece of equipment was last inspected for safety.


You can expect to see the CE marking on webbing slings

This is the colour coding system for webbing slings:

  • Purple = 1 tonne lifting strength
  • Green = 2 tonne lifting strength
  • Yellow = 3 tonne lifting strength
  • Grey = 4 tonne lifting strength
  • Red = 5 tonne lifting strength
  • Brown = 6 tonne lifting strength
  • Blue = 8 tonne lifting strength
  • Orange = 10 tonne lifting strength

CE markings

All webbing slings should have a ‘CE’ marking on them, which is an abbreviation of the French term “Conformite Euroeene’, which means European Conformity. A CE mark means that the piece of equipment at hand conforms to all necessary European standards and directives of quality.

Markings of capability

Your webbing slings should also have several markings on it that relate to its capabilities as a piece of lifting equipment. This will mean things such as the working load limit, the length in metres, a code of traceability and the year of manufacture.

You’ll also find the manufacturer’s name or symbol marked onto the webbing sling too alongside an ID number.

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