Storage Advice and Tips for a Web Sling

The various types of webbing slings that we manufacture at Rope Services Direct Ltd are all rigorously tested before dispatch, and use some of the highest quality materials available on the market. However, due to the intense stress that these products go through with heavy lifting, it’s important that you take proper steps to ensure that you maintain the efficiency and reliability of your web sling, as well as the safety of all those involved in the lifting process. Below we list some storage advice and tips for webbing slings.

Web Sling Storage Advice

Below we list various storage advice for your webbing slings; ensure that you follow these steps to prolong the life of your product.


It’s important to keep your web sling stored in the right temperatures so as to not cause damage or disintegration to the product itself. Woven webbing slings will be suitable for use as long as they have been stored in the following temperatures:

  • Polyester and polyamide can be stored at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius
  • Polypropylene can be stored at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius

If you are using your webbing slings for lifting in an environment with moisture, storing at below 0 degrees Celsius will cause ice to form within the sling material. This may have an abrasive effect on the sling, damaging the internal material. It will also most likely reduce the flexibility, thereby possibly rendering it useless. If your webbing sling is wet and you plan to store it in sub-zero conditions, ensure your sling is thoroughly dry first. Drying should be conducted at room or ambient temperature, with a maximum limit of 40 degrees Celsius.


Webbing slings are manufactured using materials that are partially resistant to some or most chemicals, although please note chemicals will have a negative effect on your webbing sling, and if possible you should avoid storing them in environments where they will be subject to a chemical agent.

Below we list the resistance that the various materials of webbing slings have to specific chemicals:

  • Polyester is resistant to the majority of acids, but has little resistance to alkalis
  • Polyamides are all but immune to alkalis, but weak against acids
  • Polypropylene has a good resistance to both acids and alkalis

As we can see from the above, a polypropylene webbing sling will be the best product to opt for if you are planning to operate it within an area where it is likely to be subject to acids and alkalis.

web sling
Be sure to store your web slings carefully!

UV Degradation

The fibres within webbing slings offer minimal resistance against ultra violet (UV) rays; therefore you should not store any of these products in direct sunlight.


Below are some tips to follow that will also help to prolong the life of your webbing sling:

Cutting and Abrasion

Due to the material that is used within webbing slings, cutting and abrasion can damage and wear down the product, eventually rendering it unsafe to use. Avoid dragging your webbing sling over abrasive surfaces, and consider using protective sleeves wherever necessary.

Regular Inspection

Due to the nature of webbing slings, and the extreme loads that they may be lifting, it’s important to carry out regular inspections of all slings and equipment to ensure the safety of both your products and those who operate them. We at Rope Services Direct Ltd are happy to provide professional equipment inspection; please get in contact with us here.


Do not try to shorten the length of the web sling, or tie it into knots. Be sure to position the load so that the weight is evenly distributed over its width. We’d recommend getting in contact with us and letting us know what it is you’ll be lifting – we will then be able to direct you to the correct product and how to use it efficiently and effectively.


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