Securing Webbing Slings to a Tree

Webbing slings are sturdy, reliable alternatives to other common forms of lifting gear, such as wire rope. Despite their more flexible nature, they are utilised in many industries, including the crane and rigging industry. One particular use for webbing slings is their ability to be securely tightened around a tree, as a knot can easily be formed with this piece of lifting equipment due to its flat nature. In this article, we look at securing webbing slings to a tree.

 Why are webbing slings secured to trees?

There are many reasons for securing a webbing sling to a tree. For instance, you may want to create a slackline, setup a hammock or allow for the safe ascent and descent down a tree. There are many names for the securing of a webbing sling to a tree, and you may see it referred to as a water knot, ring bend, overhand bend or webbing anchor. For the purposes of this article, we will refer to it as a ‘water knot’.

securing webbing slings

Securing a webbing sling to a tree can allow you to setup a relaxing hammock!

 Securing webbing slings around a tree

The following was taken from Cusa Tech Tips (please see the guide for a picture demonstration), and is the most basic form of securing a webbing sling to a tree:

 1.    Place your webbing sling around the tree

2.    You must now join the two separate ends of the webbing sling together by re-threading it through each other

3.    Tie a water knot in one end of the webbing sling, and then turn the whole webbing sling over

4.    With the other end of the webbing sling, trace back along the path of the water knot, which will be along the outside as you have turned the webbing sling over

5.    Be sure to fully complete the tracing back

6.    Finally, adjust the knot so that the two ends of the webbing sling (the tails) are at a minimum of 3” in length. If they are, pull tight to secure the water knot.

 Useful guides

If you are looking to ascend or descend a tree, please follow this safety guide here, or if you are simply looking to build a nice relaxing hammock, there are some useful tips here.

 Our range of webbing slings

If you are looking at securing webbing slings to a tree for any reason, then please do get in contact with one of our team and we will be able to suggest the best item for your particular requirements.



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