Quality Assurance Statement

Quality mission and objective

We are a family-run business that doesn’t compromise on quality. With all our wire rope related products and services we aim to provide quality assurance with:

  • exceptional customer service and value,
  • processes and systems to improve product quality/safety and reduce risks,
  • an approach of continuous learning and education for staff, and
  • maintenance/servicing of equipment as is required.
  • We provide premium quality wire roping products at Rope Services Direct

quality guarantee

Quality undertakings

Rope Services Direct is committed to:

  • Quality – General
  •    Adopting a process of continual quality improvement within the business, wherever we find a way to improve quality (of products, services, processes, etc.) we will do
  •    We have documented procedures to follow, all of which drive quality within the business
  •    We believe in adopting a quality approach, even when nobody is looking!
  • Products – as a specialist producer of wire ropes and related products we understand it is critical that every product we ship conforms to specification and is of the highest quality:
  •    We buy top-quality raw materials to ensure we supply the very best products in the wire rope industry
  •    We guarantee to provide the same level of attention and priority to one-off and smaller jobs as we do to regular customers and larger jobs
  •    All products are tested prior to being dispatched from our Brierley Hill premises. Tests undertaken will vary by product and could include resistance checks, proof-loading, elongation/stretch testing, strength testing, etc.
  • Customer – our own reputation is important but so is the reputation of our customer’s too! We have quality procedures in place to ensure only top-quality products and services are provided to our customers:
  •   Ensure that customer requirements and expectations as a minimum are complied with and wherever possible exceeded
  •   In the unlikely event that a customer is unhappy with product quality then the customer is entitled to replacement product or a full refund. Returns need to have a reason provided and be claimed within 14 days of receipt of the product. Refunds are not possible for “made to measure” and custom-made items unless there is an issue with quality, which Rope Services Direct can verify
  • Staff – our staff are vital in the creation of quality products and services, we invest continuously to ensure only the best staff providing the highest quality services work for Rope Services Direct:
  •    Communicating the importance of quality throughout the staff of the business, this includes providing updates and refresher awareness about prevailing standards and legislation pertaining to the wire rope industry
  •    Ensure the availability of Rope Services Direct staff to fulfill customer needs
  •    Investing in continuous education and training for staff including research time to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry
  • Equipment
  •   Ensuring that our equipment (e.g. press machinery, industrial sewing machines) is well-maintained to aid with product quality and also to protect our staff


Ultimately it our focus on quality and attention to detail that has acted as the springboard to our success over the years. We will never lower our quality standards, we recognise in the wire rope industry that product quality = product safety, which can never be compromised.

Contacting Rope Services Direct

If there is any aspect of this Quality Assurance Statement you would like to discuss then please call us on 01384 78004 or complete our contact form (located on our contact us page) and we will get in touch ASAP.



Image Credits: Anurag Khemka