Protection Advice for Web Slings

Web slings offer an alternative range of benefits to wire rope with a more flexible and lightweight nature. This makes it easier to transport and work with, as well as being able to adapt to odd-shaped loads with ease; all while maintaining the quality of the load that it is working with. However, this flexible nature also means that web slings aren’t as strong as wire rope, both in terms of the weights that they can lift and the actual inner strength of the sling. Thankfully, there are multiple ways that you can protect and safeguard your equipment against any unnecessary and unwanted damage; read on below for more protection advice.

Maintaining your equipment

There are some simple, yet highly effective, steps that you can take to ensure that you maximise the service life of your equipment.


The way that you use your equipment will have a large impact on their continued protection and longevity. You must always stick to the limits and guidelines that have been recommended to you by manufacturers, and also the government.

Your manufacturer will supply you with a safe working load (SWL), also called a working load limit (WLL), and while this isn’t the maximum that your gear can handle, it’s the maximum that it can handle safely. Never exceed this limit. Alongside this, familiarise yourself with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) for the government’s guidelines.  Also, ensure that you are using it in suitable conditions away from harmful chemicals or the elements which could cause damage.


The storage advice follows the same environment usage advice as above, and it is best to store your web sling away from harmful chemicals or elements. Proper storage advice is as follows:

  • Polyester and polyamide slings can be stored in temperatures from -40 degrees to 90 degrees Celsius
  • Polypropylene slings can be stored in temperatures from -40 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius

protection advice

Keep your equipment away from environments with moisture

Please find more on storage advice here.

Purchasing protected equipment

As well as taking steps to protect your equipment through storage and usage, there are also different types of web slings that you can purchase which come with protection in mind.

PVC coated slings have an outer layer of PVC coating, and are designed to withstand more hazardous or challenging environments with a good protection against moisture, acids and alkalis.

You can also purchase protective sleevings for your web slings, created to encase your sling and provide a protective barrier between the equipment and chemicals, elements and friction. Sleeving such as this can be provided in a range of lengths and widths depending on your specifications.

Looking for more protection advice for web slings?

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