Why polyester is such a great material for webbing slings

A high proportion of modern webbing slings are made from synthetic fibres such as nylon, polyester and polypropylene. In this article we are focusing on polyester webbing slings and why it is such a suitable material for this purpose.  

About polyester webbing slings

Polyester web slings are specially treated to be flexible, durable and hard-working and are suitable for a range of challenging and hazardous environments. During manufacture they are surface treated to seal out moisture, increase abrasion resistance and prevent particles (e.g. dirt, grime and grit) from penetrating inside the webbing, which would cause damage internally.

polyester webbing slings

Examples of polyester slings in everyday use

Benefits of polyester webbing slings

Here is a list of benefits associated with the use of polyester in webbing slings:

Acid resistance – Polyester is resistant to acids and bleaching agents so is used in known acidic environments (N.B. Polyester is damaged by alkalis, where Nylon web slings should be used instead)

Colour coded – The web slings are colour coded to identify capacity limitations

Firm grip – Polyester webbing slings provide a firm grip/hold around objects being lifted

Lightweight – Polyester is lightweight making the webbing slips easier to carry around sites, wrap and store

Low cost – Polyester is available at relatively low cost compared to other materials (e.g. stainless steel wire)

Non-explosive – Polyester can safely be used in explosive atmospheres (e.g. mining), the material is both non-sparking and non-conductive

Quick drying – As a material Polyester is quick to dry due to its hydrophobic attributes, this is beneficial in certain environments

Resistance and durability – As well as acid, Polyester is resistant to many chemicals, mildew, moisture, oil and grease. In addition Polyester is resistant to UV degradation

Shape retention – Polyester is well known for retaining its shape, this can be a benefit compared to nylon web slings where space (e.g. headroom) is restricted and also reduces the risk of stretching and shrinkage

Softness – Polyester webbing is soft and is not prone to scratch or deface surfaces it makes contact with

Strength – Polyester is extremely strong and is capable of lifting extremely heavy loads. They are also shock absorbent, which makes it an ideal material for web slings

Versatile – Polyester web slings are available in a variety of applications which ensures versatility of use

Use the right webbing sling for the job

Although we have focused on Polyester in this article it’s always essential to use the right web sling for the job. Choose carefully the best material for the job in hand, e.g. choose Nylon in alkali environments.

polyester webbing slings

Colour coded polyester slings


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