Performing a Webbing Sling Drag

A webbing sling offers a practical and reliable alternative to the use of wire rope for lifting and handling needs, and even offer some great benefits in applications that wire rope cannot. One such application is to perform a webbing drag sling; extremely useful in industries such as the emergency and rescue services. We explore this further below in this article. 

What is a webbing sling drag and why is it useful?

A webbing sling drag provides a quick and effective means of swiftly removing a victim or injured persons from a particular area. This is done by using a web sling to form a secure grip around the upper body of the person in question, and then physically dragging them.

 webbing sling

A webbing sling drag is commonly used in the firefighting industry

Due to the light and flexible nature of a web sling, it can be rolled up and kept in a jacket or turncoat pocket, ready for immediate use and without being a burden to the carrier.

The webbing sling drag can be performed in a similar fashion to a clothes drag, which is simply done by dragging the victim by their clothes near the shoulders, but a web sling has been prepared to perform this task much more efficiently and safely and is the recommended approach.

How do you perform a webbing slings drag?

To perform a webbing sling drag, follow these steps:

1)    Using a pre-prepared webbing sling, place the centre of the loop around the person in question, with the webbing behind the person’s back, below the armpit

2)    Pick up the large loop and place this above the victim’s head

3)    Reach through the loop that you are holding above the victim’s head, grab the webbing sling that is resting behind their back, and pull all of the excess webbing through the loop

4)    This will result in a loop around the victim’s head and two loops around their arms

5)    Ensure that the webbing sling is secure around both the person’s chest and under their armpits

6)    Adjust your hand placement if necessary so that you do not injure the victim’s head while you are dragging them

7)    Drag the victim quickly but safely out of the danger area

How to perform a webbing sling drag

Interested in a web sling?

A webbing sling drag is just one of the many benefits that webbing slings have; they have found uses in many different industries for a number of different applications. If you’re interested in our web sling products, you can view them here, or get in contact with us for more information.

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