2000 kg Web Sling

On the hunt for a high quality, reliable 2000 KG web sling ? Well you’ve come to the right place here at Rope Services Direct.

2000 KG web sling – tough and effective

2000 kg web slingWe always make it our mission to sell exceptional British made slings which adhere to DIN-EN-1492-1 legislation. We manufacture our own 2 tonne web slings in the industry standard green colour (simplex or duplex), They are also friendly on your wallet!

Web slings from RSD are exceptional when deployed for lifting, towing or used with lifting chains. Therefore they are especially handy when manoeuvring and transporting sailing boats, mobile homes, cars, caravans and other machinery. The webbing itself is twin ply (duplex) as standard, which offers maximum strength for its width. By way of fixings, on each end the slings you’ll find a super-strong eye and polyester inserts for further reinforcement. It’s worth noting too that they’re great as an alternative to single use slings for haulage requirements.

As well as for use in seafaring and other heavy industry, they are essential for many workshops, factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Note: A sling should never be overloaded. Make sure you purchase the correct one by browsing all our web slings to before you make a decision.

2 tonne web sling


Order your 2 tonne web sling today

From our warehouse near Birmingham, RSD are proud to have a large variety of lifting slings in stock now. To send us your order, just let us know what you need here. Alternatively, you can call us direct for help – 01384 78004.

SWL tons Length EWL MTRWidth mmColourWeight Each KG
2160Green 0.44
2260Green 0.8
2360Green 1.2
2460Green 1.6
2560Green 2
2660Green 2.4
2760Green 3
2860Green 3.2
21060Green 4