50 mm Soft Loop Each End One Way Slings

We sell 50 MM soft loop each end one way slings which we manufacture with precision in-house and provide to clients across a range of industries. We also sell 25 MM wide soft loop single use slings  and endless slings.50 mm soft loop each end one way sling

50 mm soft loop each end one way slings

Like all our one way slings, these soft loop examples are of a high quality and can take on load-lifting tasks in various settings. Securing cargo for transport and hoisting goods in a manual handling scenario are just two potential uses.

The team at Rope Services Direct will be happy to make your sling to suit your task. We can adjust the size of the eye if needed and or course the length can also be altered.

Extra Information

Call 01384 78004 or head to our contact page to find out about our 50MM wide soft loop slings and the benefits they bring to the table. Product specific questions may be answered as well as enquiries regarding any of our other lifting straps. Quotations will be given on request and you will be hard pushed to find them cheaper.

Do you need something a little more than a one way sling but it needs to be soft and flexible.  If you do check out our other web slings, round slings and fibre rope slings. They all have something different to offer.