ISO Standards Relating to Wire Rope

We take great care at Rope Services Direct Limited to ensure that all of our wire ropes are reliably manufactured, have a long service life, are highly corrosion and abrasion resistant, and keep yourselves and the loads that you are working with safe. No matter how much care we might take in the products that we are manufacturing, we are still bound by, and comply with, various ISO Standards to ensure the quality of our products. Below we explain more on the ISO Standards relating to the lifting material.

 What are ISO standards?

 ISO standards, from the International Organisation for Standardisation, is a body that has been established to set standards for products and services to ensure that they are of good quality, reliable, and safe.

 They are a globally recognised organisation, and all business strive to comply with the various standards that the ISO sets. They currently have over 21,000 different international standards, so cover a wide range of factors, products, and services.

ISO standards

ISO Standard help to keep all of the different ropes manufactured of a consistent quality

Why is it useful to have ISO standards ropes?

ISO standards, like other marks of quality, help to keep products and services consistent and safe across a global market. We live in a world where much of what we own or use has mostly likely been imported, and we need to know that what we are using is safe and reliable. This also remains true of locally manufactured goods.

Some products, while we always want quality to be as high a level as possible, don’t have to be as concerned with the safety aspect. Wire rope, on the other hand, will be put under incredibly high strains regularly, and it’s vitally important that the safety of both the load being lifted and the workers using it are safe.

ISO standard help to guarantee this safety, as well as the quality of the lifting material.

What are the ISO standards that relate to wire ropes?

There are dozens of different ISO standards, covering a range of finished products. Such ISO standards include:

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about the quality and safety of our rope or the various ISO standards that we comply with, then you can call us on 01384 78004 or make contact with us here.