The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Wire Rope Practices

Wire rope has become one of the most essential pieces of equipment within the lifting and materials handling industry, being utilised in dozens of different sectors. However, with this increased widespread use comes plenty of stories too. Below we look at the good, the bad and the ugly of rope practices.

 The good of rope practices

The lifting medium has become one of the most adaptable and vital pieces of lifting equipment available today. Thanks to this, it is now used in at least 14 different industries around the world, including the aerospace, construction, home maintenance, engineering, and oil and gas industries. It has uses for everything from lifting and lowering loads with cranes, being used as part of the support structure for buildings, and as telecommunication cables deep undersea. We’ve seen it used in some of the most famous projects around the world, including the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

wire rope practices

It has been used for the completion of many famous projects, such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

 The bad of wire rope practices

 Despite the huge number of advantages that rope offers to its users, it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of product, and is replaceable by other more advantageous products in certain situations. For example, webbing slings are much more lightweight and flexible, making them more useful for wrapping around complicated load shapes. However, with this level of lightness comes less lifting strength, so there is a ‘bad’ side to any product on the market. The important thing is that the huge number of good advantages make all of the products we stock perfect for the task that they are designed for!

 The ugly of rope practices

While good is great and bad is manageable, there can be a nasty, ugly side too. However, this is from no fault of the wire rope, but rather the owner themselves! While designed to be incredibly safe, the material does have an end-date. We recommend thorough inspections before each and every use; failure to do so can result in the rope breaking mid-lifting task, causing damage to the load and those around! There are plenty of case studies supporting this; don’t get caught out and having to deal with the ugly side of wire rope!

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Image credit: Chris Brignola