The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Synthetic Webbing Slings

Despite the incredible effectiveness and wide-spread usage for synthetic webbing slings, this handy piece of equipment does have a bad, and, unfortunately, an ugly side too! But it also has a lot of good in it; we’ve examined these three aspects below.

The good

One of the best things about this equipment, and what makes it so good, is its incredibly versatile nature. It seems to have an almost limitless number of uses, finding itself used for:

  • Lifting and lowering tasks where other equipment isn’t quite suitable
  • Safety harnesses and other protective gear for rock climbers and mountaineering
  • Creating slacklines around trees
  • Creating comfy hammocks (our personal favourite)
  • A safety procedure used by fire services to rescue civilians quickly

This highlights just some of the many uses, if you want to know more, you can find our contact details below.

The bad

The bad side is that, unfortunately, synthetic webbing slings won’t be liked by everyone. Although it has a large number of uses, this number isn’t infinite, and this must be remembered! There will, of course, also be times where there is other equipment that is more suitable, such as our range of wire ropes.

Wire ropes are a stronger alternative, hence their occasional preference, but there are many times when web slings are much better; such as when you need a lifting medium that is more flexible and won’t be at risk of causing any damage to a load.

synthetic webbing slings

You must be sure to regularly inspect your equipment 

But, like we said, you can’t use web slings for every single application, and it’s best to speak to us before deciding which piece of equipment you want to use.

The ugly

There is a slightly uglier side to this tool as well, and one that we hope you never have to see! Unfortunately, as with all equipment, this sling has a natural end-life to it, and one that will be reached much quicker if you don’t pay it proper attention!

It needs regular care, safe storage and thorough inspections; without these you may find that your sling just stops working on you one day!

Want to know more about synthetic webbing slings?

If you want to hear more on all the different aspects that make up this small, yet effective, tool, then we’d love to discuss it at greater length. Please get in contact with us here.



Image credit: geralt