The Advantages of Buying Custom-Made Webbing Slings

Some of the products that we stock only come in specific shapes and sizes, but one of the big benefits of having our own manufacturing equipment means that we can custom make wire rope and webbing slings. This allows us to cater to your exact specifications and requirements. Please read on below to find out more about the advantages of buying custom-made webbing slings.

You get exactly what you need

The biggest and most obvious benefit is that the webbing sling will be made to fit your exact requirements. Lifting equipment is used in a huge range of industries, and webbing slings in particular have such varied usage.

From lifting and lowering loads to supporting rock climbers to being used to create hammocks, there’s an almost limitless amount of sizes that webbing slings may need to come in.

custom-made webbing slings

You can save valuable time by getting a custom-made webbing sling

Whatever your reasons are for needing this piece of equipment, you can have your task completed easily and quickly.

You don’t need to spend time shopping around

Following on from the above, you won’t need to spend hours shopping around looking for webbing sling that fits your requirements. You can simply come to us with your specifications, and have a super quick turnaround time!

You know what you’re buying

By getting custom-made equipment, you know exactly what you’re getting. You know that you aren’t getting second-hand equipment or equipment that may be imported which can carry its own risks. What you ask for is what you get!

It will boost your business productivity

Your business will be able to run much smoother and quicker by having custom-made equipment. You won’t need to waste time trying to get something to work that doesn’t quite fit; you’ll be able to simply hit the ground running.

And, following on from the point above, both you and your workers will know exactly what you’re getting with your equipment. This will allow everyone to get on with their work with no added stress or hassle on your part!

It’s your own!

We all like to own brand new things, and a nice advantage of having custom-made webbing slings are that it’ll be completely your own!

How do we make our webbing slings?

Perhaps you’re wondering how it is that we’re able to make webbing slings of all sizes to fit your exact specifications? We manufacture all of our slings reliably onsite using our state-of-the-art and modern industrial sewing machines.

This also means that we will thoroughly test and inspect the webbing slings for you before any purchase is completed. If you want to see our webbing slings being manufactured in action, please see our YouTube video on the process here.


Looking for more information on our custom-made webbing slings?

If you are interested in discussing our webbing slings further, or want your very own custom-made webbing slings, then all you need to do is get in touch. Please either call us on 01384 78004, or visit us by finding our contact details here.



Image credit: nile