About Rope Services Direct, Wire Rope Suppliers and Web Sling Manufacturers

Welcome to Rope Services Direct, a time honoured family run business who prides itself on great customer service and always to aim to supply quality products at the best possible prices. We are specialist wire rope suppliers and the sister company to the well respected Lifting Gear Direct Ltd. Based in Brierley Hill, we are in the heart of the Black Country in the West Midlands and so are well located centrally to supply the whole of the UK, and deliveries are rarely a problem.

We are proud to say that we have a dedicated team here at Rope Services Direct with our sales team and office staff, Wire-rope riggers, Webbing product technicians and even an engineering apprentice, all of whom are ready to go the extra distance when required. The team has much experience between them and are a wealth of knowledge, which is growing all the time. This is as it should do as we adapt and change to the industry’s and customer needs. We have the philosophy that you should never become stagnant by sticking with what you know and do best. It is good to learn new ways of doing things and keeping up with new ideas and innovation. As wire rope suppliers we know that whilst some things will always remain the same, some things will just keep evolving, so we always need to be aware of changes and implement them if and when necessary to ensure, not just our future but the future of the next generation of manufacturing and industry specialists throughout the UK. Change is good! The apprenticeship scheme is a great way to get new, young blood into this sector and should be advertised more to raise awareness to young people, we took on an apprentice a few years ago and it has had huge benefits to us, keen to learn, output is up, and new ways of completing tasks are being learnt due to a young and innovative mind.

So, what do we do? As leading wire rope suppliers, we have our own factory where we manufacture many types of speciality wire-ropes, which are always made to order to ensure they meet your exact requirements. Due to the fact that we have our own wire-rope press machinery we are able to fit virtually any type of end termination onto a wire-rope,  we are regularly asked for special assemblies to suit specific requirements and our team are always ready to undertake the job. We also have fuse and taper facilities  to perfectly finish off the ends of steel ropes without a fitting, and coiling systems; so whether you need a bespoke one off wire-rope complete with shackles or specific end fittings, a stainless steel balustrade or a whole coil of rope and anything in-between then we are the place to come to, no job is deemed too small, we are always ready to help our customers, old and new. We can provide winch rope, gym ropes, trailer ropes, security cables, plastic coated ropes,crane rope, catenary wires and even ropes for theatrical uses.

Alongside our fibre and steel wire-rope production we also have clean facilities within our factory where we manufacture many types of webbing products; we have our own industrial, fully automated sewing machines, this enables us to adapt stitch patterns to ensure the safe working load of your webbing products, all are fully tried and load tested to guarantee maximum safety within the minimum breaking load limits. As with our ropes, we are happy to supply one off web slings or other webbing products, such as ratchet straps, custom made to suit your needs just as we are happy to manufacture any webbing product in any multiple; we regularly supply customers with web slings by the thousands with one way / single use slings one of our specialities. Ratchet lashings, cam buckles, flat web slings, round slings protective sleeves and re-webs are all available at extremely competitive prices, get in touch today.

Fibre rope products are also accommodated for, we can supply natural fibre rope, nylon rope, polyester rope and polypropylene ropes to suit your requirements and hand splicing is also available to produce soft eyes at the end of your rope to create a strong anchor point.

As leading wire rope suppliers Rope Services Direct can also supply you with many types of common lifting devices such as lever hoists and chain blocks to compliment your rope or webbing products; this enables us to supply you with all you need for any lifting operation from one place.

So whatever your rope or webbing requirements are, give us a call, or email us, we can offer advice to help you get the right product for its intended use, and/or a quick, quotation, we are very competitively prices wire rope suppliers and web sling manufacturers.