An A-Z of Wire Ropes Infographic Guide

While we sell a great variety of lifting equipment here at Rope Services Direct and wire rope is by far our most popular item. It’s adaptable, strong, multi-functional, and used by dozens of industries around the world. With a huge range of qualities and benefits, it’s more than likely that rope plays a part in your life almost every single day, and you may not even know it! To help explain this piece of equipment better and to demonstrate just some of its wide-ranging qualities and uses, we’ve constructed the below infographic titled “An A-Z of Wire Ropes”.

The A-Z of Wire Ropes infographic

The equipment has such a long history, and such an extensive present-day usage, that it wasn’t hard to fill each letter of the alphabet with something relatable. Okay, maybe some of the letters required a little more brainpower, but, just like lifting medium in question, we’re adaptable! Take a look at our infographic below.

A-Z of Wire Ropes
A-Z of Wire Ropes Infographic Guide – click to view full infographic

What type of wire ropes do you sell at Rope Services Direct?

Now that you’ve learnt a little bit more, we thought we’d give a quick explanation of each of the types of that we sell here at Rope Services Direct.

Stainless steel

This is our most common type, and is constructed from stainless steel. It’s strong, it’s highly corrosion resistant, and it’s designed for multiple industries and applications.

A-Z Wire Rope Guide
A close-up of the equipment

Plastic coated

The plastic coating gives a smooth finish, taking out the roughness you’d have previously felt from the metal. These are used for things such as security cables.

Gym ropes and cables

Designed for one use only; gym machines. You know the cables that help operate the machines you work out on, such as to lift the weights? That’s this handy piece of equipment at work.

Trailer ropes

As with the equipment above, the name is a bit of a giveaway! This equipment is used for trailers.

Security cables

Security cables have a range of applications, and are used for securing one object to another, for example a bike to a lamppost! Their strong and sturdy nature makes them great for security.

Catenary wire

This is perfect for applications such as Christmas lighting, decorations, or hanging heavy curtains.


Rope can have a slight tendency to spin, and while this isn’t usually a problem, you may need something that won’t – in which case this is the perfect solution for you!

Galvanised rope made from wire

The galvanised version has a protective zinc coating, giving it further protection against rusting.

Crane rope

This type is the perfect piece of equipment to be used with a range of cranes, whether it’s tower cranes, gantry cranes, deck cranes, or another crane entirely.

Winch rope

Winch ropes are lighter, but still have the strong and robust qualities that all wire rope possesses. These are perfect for usage with winches.

Wire rope used with tower crane
Wire rope is commonly used with tower cranes

Rope slings

These are in-house assembled slings, ready for use from the get-go.

Theatre cable

Perfect for all functions theatre related.

Compacted wire rope

This is more compact than its counterparts, giving it a higher resistance to corrosion.

Garage door cables

Does exactly what it says on the tin – perfect for garage doors.

Find out more about our range

Our A-Z of wire ropes infographic only gave a brief snapshot of types of wire ropes available; there is plenty more information available! To find out more about how wire ropes are used in various industries around the world, please read our lengthy article and infographic here. Or, if you have some questions you want answered, you can get in contact with us here.


Image credit: tsaarni and 3dman_eu